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Hints & Tips

Top Ten Buying Tips

Remember that you are going to use your carpet every day and it will last a long time, so it is worth taking a bit of time and trouble to ensure you make the right decision. When selecting a carpet consider the following:

1.   Suitability

How much wear will it receive? Always look for the Quality Mark - your assurance that the suitability claim is valid. Any carpet displaying this mark has passed rigorous British and international product tests for luxury, comfort and wear which guarantees its suitability for your home. Endorsed and monitored by the Taxtile Institute, it is the only quality assurance initiative in the UK carpet industry.

2.   Decoration

Are you matching the carpet to a particular scheme and, indeed, what are your future decorating plans? Remeber to choose the carpet first and install it last!

3.   Style

Do you want a plain carpet, patterned carpet, one with texture, a border?

4.   Longevity

How long do you reasonably expect your carpet to last?

5.   Budget

How much can you spend? Don't forget to include the cost of fitting and underlay and other materials.

6.   Measure

Get your room professionally measured.

7.   Get a Sample

Ask Midland Carpets for a sample and take it back home to see it in your own environment and in your own natural light.

8.   New Underlay

Buy new underlay. It will prolong the life of your carpet by up to forty percent.

9.   Fitting

Always have your carpet fitted professionally by Midland Carpets. Don't be fooled by offers of 'free fitting' from other shops. Fitting is a craft and you will certainly be paying for it somewhere!

10.   How Much

Buy the best carpet you can afford. As with everything else, you only get what you pay for and carpet is no exception. You should expect to pay at least £20m2 + underlay and fitting.